Congreg. Mtg. Minutes



BHCC Annual Business Meeting

October 26, 2014, 12:00 PM


The meeting began at 12 noon with Pastor Doug performing the roll call. 56 members were present.
Pastor Doug led the opening prayer followed by the ushers handing out voting Ballots.


Elders Report  provided by Pastor Doug Winne.

         90% of members are actively involved in the church by being on a committee, teaching, etc. After considering the homebound/elderly - 95% of members are active in some way or another. Thank you!

Diaconate Committee  -  Diane Haehnle, Chair 

         Diane reported briefly on role of Diaconate and also Hearts of Mercy fund.

Treasurers Report - Bob Haehnle, Treasurer

         Bob reported attendance is down approximately 14% from last year and ‘giving’ is down approximately 4%. He stressed that we will need to make budget in 2015 with the move to the new facility. 2015 budget was reviewed.
Pastor Doug then asked the membership if there were any questions/issues with the proposed By-Laws and Constitution. There were no questions at this time.

Officers – Pastor Doug then introduced all officers of BHCC and had them stand when their name was called. He also mentioned that the Property Committee will not be active after the lease and moving to the new facility but could be revived if/when needed. Trustees will take over after the move.
Opportunity for questions provided. - Mi Yong Cohen asked if there are specific duties for each of the Diaconates? Pastor Doug answered the listed duties, but the committee members decide specifics among themselves. He referred to the report provided in the packet.

  • At 12:34 pm all the ballots were collected and taken to be counted. Mike and Nancy Pechiro (attendees, but non- members) would count/oversee the counting.

Education  -  Dick Cagno, Director

          Dick Cagno added to his report – there were 40 background checks processed this year. He asked if there were any questions. None were asked.

Nursery Report  Deanna Weaver, Coordinator

          Deanna reported they will need more help at the new building and asked if there were additional questions. None were asked.

T.U.M.S. – Youth Ministry  -  Peter Rohrer, Director

         Peter reported that currently there are 3 students from BHCC and many others that attend other churches. The Harvest party had 22 in attendance. He thanked Scott Cagno for the use of his building for meetings and asked if there were any questions. None were asked.

Missions Committee  -  Paul Avery, Chair

         Paul had no additions to report and asked for questions. None were asked. Pastor Doug noted that Mary Raver had come back to the United States to attend to affairs due to the death of her father and she would be returning to Japan. Bethany and Eric recently returned from a missions trip.

Property Committee  -  Carl Hostetter, Chair

         Carl had no new additions to the report and asked for questions. None were asked. Pastor Doug asked Dick Cagno to address the meeting scheduled for 10/27/14. Dick explained that we will need to be well equipped in our new location and they are working on a strategy on how we can all help, eg. Carpentry, painting, furnishings etc. - Mi Yong Cohen asked about parking due to other tenants in the new location. Pastor Doug addressed it by reporting that 8 spaces are leased by the Vehicle Company and 10 spaces are leased by the Fabric Store. 30 spaces remain in the front of the building with approximately 40 additional spaces available on the left side of the building- gravel lot. More parking is also available in the rear of the building.

W.O.W. Women of Worth  -  Ruth Winne, Chair

         Ruth  highlighted upcoming activities for the remainder of 2014 as well as plans for 2015. She directed interest to the Facebook page and invited any questions. None were asked.

Bravehearts  Steve Hoey, Chair

         Steve reported there were no additions to the report and asked for questions. None were asked.

Music Ministry  -  reported by Pastor Doug Winne

         Pastor Doug reported a meeting is scheduled on November 2, 2014 with Daniel Orama for possible hiring for this new position. He thanked all the current volunteers and expressed great appreciation for their leadership.

Social Committee  -  Doris Hevener

         Doris reported on the Christmas Banquet scheduled for December 12, 2014. To be held at Enck’s catering on Route 72 toward Manheim. Cost will be $20.00/person. - Mi Yong Cohen expressed desire for any news to be forwarded to her so she can keep the website updated.

  • At 12:57, Scott Cagno reported the breakdown of voting. Budget, Constitution and By-Laws and Proposed Leaders all passed.

Hospitality Committee  -  Nancy Hoffman, Chair

         Nancy reported on this new committee and upcoming plans. They are ready to go with the new location. She also reported on the implementation of a regular schedule of ‘Welcome Meal’ get togethers with visitors to BHCC. The Gish’s told Nancy that their church of 6 years had never done this and they appreciated the new practice.


 At 1:01pm, Pastor Doug opened up the floor for questions. - Mi Yong Cohen asked about placing a ‘visitation’ page on the website. Pastor Doug will look into this.

We ended at 1:05 with a Circle of Prayer followed by dismissal.

Respectfully submitted by
Monica Ortega