A Warm Welcome From Pastor Doug!



            Welcome  to  Burning  Hearts  Community  Church  website.  We appreciate the time you're taking  to check us out online.  If you are new to Burning  Hearts  Community  Church, you may  wonder what makes us "tick".  In some ways we are little different than any other churches.  We are just a bunch of people who have come to the common conviction that, we are sinners  before a most holy God, and that only  the blood of Jesus can make us right with our Creator.  On the other hand, by our name “Burning Hearts”, we have distinguished ourselves as those who are unashamed in confessing  what motivates us.  Our hearts "burn" for the Word of God: both the living Son as well as the written Word.  Jesus said, "Blessed are those who hunger and thirst after righteousness" (Matthew 5:6).  That's us.....by the grace of God,  that's us.  And maybe it is you as well!  We're still a young church (having  begun in the fall of 2010),  but we have a  clear  vision  of  being  open to  going deep in the things of Christ.  Children and youth programs are centered upon a study of scripture including the memorization of Bible passages.

           We are located at 2460 New Holland Pike in Lancaster.  Thanks for visiting our website!  We hope to welcome you in person as you visit our church.  Come and worship with us!  If you have more questions about us, who we are and what we believe, you can check other places here at our web site and/or you can contact me, Doug Winne, at (717) 575-6569 or email   dr.winne7@gmail.com