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Burning Hearts has had the wonderful privilege of being involved in commissioning of a small list of missionary couples and singles to foreign countries. All have been sent with the goal of seeing the gospel make headway in these different parts of the world. A church Missions Committee regularly meets to not only make certain "our" missionaries are being well cared for but to also consider ways of raising awareness in the congregation of the "fields that are white on to harvest." Burning Hearts, at this time, gives away roughly 10% of all the monies that come into the church, missions is the major recipient. It is our goal here at Burning Hearts to not only serve globally through planned missions trips, but locally here in Lancaster County as well. With plans of future missions trips and community outreach events.


Steve and Renée Hoey

LightShine Ministries - Homer, Alaska - USA

Serving as missionaries with LightShine Ministries, Steve is the director of Alaska Ministries. This involves yearly in-person meetings with all of LightShine's network of ministry partners throughout Alaska as well as new ministry development. He and Renée will also be working through Regent Life Church in Homer focusing on prison ministry and helping hurting/broken people.

Don and Sandy Graham

OMF International - Singapore

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Erik and Bethany Frazier

Missionaries to the Far East

Independent Church in India

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Mary Raver

Missionary to Japan

a glimpse into the mission field...

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