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Women of Worth seeks to encourage women of all ages and stages of life to have greater fellowship with one another in order to build each other up in their walk with Jesus. Our desire is that relationships will be deepened, spiritual gifts will be strengthened and exercised, and women will have ample opportunities to serve the surrounding community with the Good News.

This is all accomplished through planned social events throughout the year. Events that are enjoyed annually or bi-annually include a Spring Tea, Beach Getaway, Fall Gathering, and Getting Ready for Christmas, among other events that vary depending on the year. 

Check out the calendar to see what women's event is coming up next.

We'd love for you to join us!

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Our Featured Event

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When: Saturday, April 13th

Time: 11:00am - 2:00pm

Where: Burning Hearts Community Church

Potluck style brunch

5$ per person - All ages are invited!

Fete En Blanc is  traditionally a  picnic held in a secret    location where all of the attendees are required to bring their own food, chairs, tables,   and dress all in white!  

While we wont  be asking you to bring your own tables and chairs and the location wont be a secret,    we would just love for you to honor the dress code: all white!

Sign up sheets for  attendance   as well as   food volunteering   are   in the lobby!   Any questions?   Talk to Emilee Lipscomb!

Please sign up  by March 31st.

All payments  should be directed   to Emilee Lipscomb   as well!

Thank you and we  hope to see you there!

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